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Drug Crimes and Trafficking in the state of Nevada

If you or a loved one has been charged with a drug related crime, please contact Joey Gilbert Law. Put an aggressive attorney in your corner that has experience dealing with drug crimes and trafficking. Drug related cases are very important to us and we take them as serious as you do. Below are some examples of drug- related crimes in the state of Nevada.

Drug Possession in Nevada

When it comes to the consumption or trafficking of illicit drugs unfortunately for those convicted the state of Nevada is in one of the top 10 states in terms of penalties. The possession of controlled substance is a serious charge in the state of Nevada. Nevada laws state state the following and felony offense crimes.

The amount of controlled substances you may have can decide whether there will be a misdemeanor charge; or warrant a felony.

Drug Trafficking in Nevada:

Drug trafficking in the state of Nevada is when any person knowingly sells, manufactures, delivers, purchases or brings into this state. We remind you, these felonies can carry out significant prison time, and very serious consequences.


Smuggling drugs is the act of transporting controlled substances to the state of Nevada illegally. The state of Nevada also considers bringing controlled substances as an excuse to distribute. When smuggling drugs over state lines is considered a federal charge.

Intent to Distribute

The state of Nevada takes drug related charges very serious. If you are being charged with possession of controlled substance with intention of distributing (dealing) there are several facts that could lead to this charge; storing controlled substances in small packages, or at times finding a notepad with numbers and schedules being found in the defendants home.

The state of Nevada is very strict on drug charges; if you or a loved one is being accused with a drug related charge please contact Joey Gilbert & Associates Ltd. And get a consultation in order to provide the best defense for the charges being filed against you or a loved one.


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